Hair Weaving Course (Beginners) – 2 Days

The integrated weave (Cornrow) hair extension
This technique is really a risk-free and robust process used widely by the Afro Caribbean community and so now very widely throughout the European community.With the Integrated Weave hair extension training course you are going to learn: How to prepare the hair for hair extensions, how to cornrow using extensions, how to colour match the integrated weave hair extensions, how to sew on hair wefts, etc. This is great for clients with thinning or damaged hair.


Hair Weaving Courses

What is Hair Weaving?

These days, women are enjoying the fun and also flexibility that comes with wearing weaves and hair extensions. No longer does a woman need to wait a long time for her hair to grow out. Not to mention, with each passing day, technology is delivering newer and a lot more realistic techniques to offer the best all natural look possible; in the blink of an eye, a woman can go from the quick and sassy,closely cropped style by just day to sizzling, shoulder length flowing tresses that would certainly let you to look twice at that mirror. How is this attainable?